1 year ago

MIT Is Hosting Hackathons To 'Make The Breast Pump Not Suck'

While about 20 people participated in the first breast pump hackathon, this second meeting of the minds will be attended by 60-80. Their goals are simple: "bring innovation to maternal health and make the breast pump not suck."

As the offic

1 year ago

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Baby?

If this is your first baby, you may choose to attend a childbirth class of some sort. These classes may range read more...

1 year ago

Gifts for 1-year-olds | BabyCenter

Your child's first birthday calls for a celebration. And while 1-year-olds are likely to be as thrilled by the ribbons and wrapping paper on their gift as they are with the present itself, it's fun to read more...

1 year ago

Are We Ready for a Better Breast Pump?

Now let's imagine that we are able to get past these challenges and actually create a better product. The top prototypes featured in the hackathon were designed in theory to give women the option of breast-feeding anywhere and everywhere without i read more...

1 year ago

IRS Says No to Breast Pump Tax Deductions


Ronda Kaysen is expecting her second ch

1 year ago

Fact Checking Free Birth Control Day

Today is a big day for birth control. Under President Obama's health care reforms private insurance companies have to start providing contraception for free on August 1. That means no more co-pays for birth control.


1 year ago

Breast-pump venture milks Obamacare rule

Boosting the number of breast-feeding moms is a key reason that the new Afforda read more...